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Qoin accepted for any ticketed events. Welcome to Melbourne Social. We like to think of ourselves as the place you will feel welcome and make a ton of friends, if you've moved from interstate or travelling, or a local, this group will help you create the first steps to new friendships. We've been hosting events since 2013 and we make it a point to make everyone feel welcome, its all about creating a community that you can call your home. We originated from couch surfing, where we believe all events should be free with no obligations, just great company and conversations! A great place is to begin is our Friday Night Events (where you'll meet tons of new people & usually our most busy) or come along to one of our more unique meetups like the bowling night on Sundays, movie nights on Mondays or one of our picnics! We are all about organising all sorts of social events in Melbourne! Join our awesome group on social media: Follow on instagram for event pictures & updates on new and exciting ideas from the hosts!

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